BMW 02


ALL GOod things come in threes!

Some time ago, the "Egons 500 Race" was held at the Nürburgring as part of 24 Hours Race.
224 cars started in Group 2: Fiat, Porsche, Alfa, Opel, VW, Ford, Mercedes and our BMW 02 right in the middle. 

We had modified "Tigger" slightly during the winter break. Michael Cahsels´team of mechanics left no screw untouched. But the bodyshell was left unchanged. And why not? Michael Cahsel had been very successful with it the year before.

For fine-tuning, we undertook a first shake-down run of the season at Oschersleben in March. "Tigger" performed marvellously and showed what he was capable of. 200 HP! No loss of performance! Almoust effortlessly "Tigger" would leave you with goose bumps and rapid pulse.

Now that "Tigger" had passed all trials it was time to test his endurance: 500 km Nürburgring Nordschleife. 

Michael Cahsel was able to recruit Thomas Heider as co-diver. This was a great honour, since Thomas Haider was "Tigger´s" previous owner and contributed many years of racing experience. Will Team Cahsel / Haider and "Tigger" establish themselves on this hotly contested race track ?

The bold heroes lined up in single-file for the parade lap. 200,000 cheering fans lined the track for the Egons 500 Race. What a backdrop!

"A breathtaking experience" recounts Michael Cahsel later. 

The set target for both drivers was: "Finish at any cost". With this in mind, the dream-team Michael Cahsel + Thomas Haider could calmly look forward to the upcoming race. 

The free training went by without a hitch during alternating periods of sunshine and rain. Michael Cahsel and Thomas Haider perforemd well and drove clean rounds. Michael Cahsel was able to continually improve on his lap times of the previous year. At the end, the gain was 1 whole minute. Thomas Haider for his part executed his "Nordschleife program" with ease, as he had in countless other races before. 

Following the successful time trials, the racing team Michael Cahsel started the race in the fourth row. Continous rainfall set in just before the race and the pitstop-tactic had to be adjusted. The planned 1-stop-strategy became a 2-stop strategy. Thomas Heider took the start and drove the first laps of his Nordschleife adventure.

Hail succeeded dense fog, again to be followed by sunshine. Some sections of the track dried out quickly, while others remained waterlogged, leaving no doubt in anyone´s mind why they call it "the green hell". 

As unpredictable as a jungle: seemingly impenetrable, never knowing what the driver in front will do or what the track will throw at you next. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff. The drivers must prove themselves and so must thear equipment. 

Many contestants had to clear the field during the first laps due to technical defects or driver errors. The Cahsel racing team were spared this fate. 

During the first laps, Thomas Haider had managed to carve out a significant lead, as evident in the relaxed atmosphere at team Cahsel. At half-time, Michael Cahsel took the driver´s seat in "Tigger". The track had dried out so slicks were mounted during the half-time pitstop. Michael Cahsel determined the further course of the race.

Michael Cahsel proceeded conservatively, staying out of the fray and driving consistent lap times.  

Suddenly! Two laps later the tension suddenly rose for Michael Cahsel and his team. From one moment to the next "Tigger" was becoming increasingly loud. As it turned out later, a weld had brocken in the exhaust header. Michael Cahsel could no longer communicate with his team over the on-board radio. The team was becoming anxious: "what´s going on? Hopefully Michael will hold out to the finish!"

Michael Cahsel had fought his way to second place, but now he was forced to slow down in order to reduce engine revs best he can. That was it for second place. Unfortunate, but unavoidable. 

Endless minutes went by... before Michael Cahsel finally crossed the finish line. With a torn exhaust and diminished engine power, Michael Cahsel had made it to the finish. For team Cahsel, luck had been on their side once again. 

Fifth place in group 2

What a result! Michael Cahsel was welcomed by his team with a 50-litre shower of champagne. What an amazing feeling! The excitement was evident in all faces. 

The previous weeks and months of hard work haid paid off. Michael Cahsel summarized the key to their success: "super teamwork!"

In the end, Michael Cahsel and Thomas Haider received an honorary trophy, which of course was given its place of honour.  

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